Displaying on a Budget

Having left the corporate world 5 months ago to start my own business, I have regained the balance in my life, and have been introduced to new challenges – like blogging!

Starting Terrier Firma has meant finding ways to get the little customised products I make out there.  On a limited budget and as a one man show, I decided that, whilst I was developing my Pet Memorial range (the raison d’etre behind Terrier Firma) I would do some experimenting and make some products that could be sold at local craft markets.

One of these products was magnets, but how on earth was I going to exhibit them – I needed something vertical and magnetic.  Pondering this one sleepless night, I suddenly remembered a hideous metal tray that we had, that I have been trying to “lose” for some time – and so the re-purposing idea was born!  As my introductory blog – here’s how I went about it!

The “weathered” article prior to TLC.

There were several spots of rust on the tray.  Come in 100 grit sandpaper and elbow grease to both sides to get rid of all the rust and any loose paint.

After cleaning all the dust off it with a damp cloth I dug around and found a tin of spray paint – no debate – green it was!

I gave it two coats, front and back and then painted the inside with blackboard paint – versatility is the name of the game – magnet display today – sign board tomorrow!

Costing nothing more than some time and, whilst not the prettiest solution, standing on a plate stand, it served its purpose well.

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